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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why Am I Bothering?

With the New York Knicks back in the playoffs--in more than just a token appearance--for the first time in ages, and with most of the East Coast games occurring--or at least starting--before I get home from work, I've taken to recording these contests.  Recording provides me with any number of advantages, including the ability to watch the game at my convenience and to fast forward through commercials.  But when I watch these recording after the games have already ended, I find myself wrestling with a philosophical quandary: Why, exactly, am I even bothering?  I mean, never, mind zipping through commercials, I could just fast forward to the end of the game--or, better yet, look up the result online.  There's something utterly pointless in rooting for a team to win a game that is already in the books at the moment of my rooting.  Of course, many of my friends would point out that rooting for a sports team is, in general, pointless.  But why subject myself to pointlessness squared?

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