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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Elephants--and Apparently Tiger--Never Forget.

In case you were wondering, golfers on average have the ability to remember more than other professional athletes.  Great news for golfers?  Maybe.  Honestly, I suspect the truth is not so much that golfers' memories are significantly stronger, but that the memories of other athletes are significantly impaired: A running back who spends Sundays being tackled by the human equivalent of monster trucks is unlikely to retain a superior level of mental acuity.  And how much would he want to remember anyway?  Sure, touchdowns would be pleasant enough, but those will be vastly outnumbered by reminiscences of one's face being driven into the Astroturf.  And even for the golfers, isn't this damning with faint praise?  Basketball players can revel in their abilities to leap higher than mere mortal; football players possess near superhuman strength; baseball players boast of uncanny hand-eye coordination and the capacity to masticate great quantities of tobacco.  Golfers?  They can remember that the 13th hole curves to the left. 

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