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Friday, November 1, 2013

Dress under Duress

I've recently submitted an application for a new job--a promotion of sorts.  I'll keep you all posted as developments occur.  The other day, though, a friend of mine advised me that, if I get the job, I will have to go shopping.  As someone who has sported a wardrobe of t-shirts and jeans almost exclusively for the last ten years or so, I have a decided lack of "adult clothes."  Or, to be exact, the adult clothes I do possess have not, um, expanded as much as I have over the last ten years.  So, yes, I agreed, I will have to accept the fact that a wardrobe upgrade may be necessary.  This friend then suggested I start now.

"Dress for the job you want," she said, "not the job you have."

Sound advice, indeed!  So, for the last week I have worn a New York Mets uniform to work everyday.  If that doesn't work, in a couple of weeks I'll start dressing like a magician!  Or a bat!

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