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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Election Night Analysis

Election Day came and went while I was without power for my computer (aka, Solipsist Central).  As a result, I was unable to offer my trenchant analysis on any number of important races.  I am, however, disgusted with all the subsequent chatter from pundits of all political persuasions about what the various results portend for 2014 and beyond.  What does Terry McAuliffe's election mean for Obamacare?  Was Bill DeBlasio's landslide in the New York City mayoral race a sign of a resurgent progressive spirit in the electorate?  Or does Chris Christie's similarly lopsided victory across the Hudson River show that conservatism, wrapped in a mantle of apparent common-sense, can carry the day?  And, seriously, can we just give a rest to any talk of what the election results mean for the presidential race in 2016?

We can't?

Well, in that case, let me offer my own, definitive judgment on the 2016 presidential race: Hillary Clinton will win!  And this prognostication has nothing to do with the outcomes of ANY of the high--or even low-profile races decided last Tuesday.  No, Hillary's eventual ascension was guaranteed on Election Night 2008.  Because if "Star Trek" has taught us anything--and it has!--it's that the menopausal woman

naturally follows the black guy

who follows the old white guy.

Congratulations, Madame President!

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