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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Just Another Day at Solipsist Central (Workplace Edition)

(SOLIPSIST and COLLEAGUE OF SOLIPSIST are in the office. A pile of exams sits on the desk.  These exams have been read once, and they need to be read by a second instructor.)

SOLIPSIST: So, I finished the first reads on these if you want to get started on the second reads.


(A former student of COLLEAGUE OF SOLIPSIST, who now works for SOLIPSIST, walks in.)

FORMER STUDENT: Oh, are you guys reading those tests again, already.

COS: Every semester. . . .

FS: Yeah.  You know (to SOLIPSIST) back when I took this class, you read my essay.

SOL: I did?

FS: Yup.

SOL: And. . . did I pass you?

FS: Yup.  (Exits.)

SOL: Y'know, that's really kind of disappointing. . . .Like finding out you had the chance to kill Hitler and didn't.

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