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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Polka Dots Would Work, Too

Watching college football--which should give you some sense of my level of desperation.  Specifically, watching the festivities of "Capital One Bowl Week"--which runs from December 21 through January 1, which--I think--is more than a week.  Damn inflation.  Currently, the Buffalo Bulls (whose name just seems like an uncorrected typo) are squaring off against the San Diego Aztecs (because why should politically questionable nicknames remain confined to the NFL?) in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

No, really.

Not clear on exactly what is "Famous": the Bowl, the potatoes, or perhaps the state of Idaho, itself.  OK, that doesn't seem likely: I KNOW people who have lived in Idaho, and I get no impression that anything there merits the appellation "famous."

The gridiron in Boise, by the way, is blue.  This takes some getting used to, but I personally think more football organizations should engage in this kind of experimentation.  After all, fields have been green since the days before color television (or so I would imagine). Shouldn't the Syracuse University Orangemen play on an appropriately pumpkin-hued field?  Imagine the disorientation experienced by visitors!   The home-field advantage would be nigh insurmountable!

For that matter, why do football fields have to be monochromatic at all?  Groundskeepers could provide a fresh color every ten yards.  The Super Bowl could become a rainbow-themed affair to brighten the heart of even the most football-averse viewer.

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