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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

In Which We Wonder about Higher Education Priorities

The President of the University of Missouri's Columbus campus, Timothy M. Wolfe, has tendered his resignation in reaction to wide-ranging protests.  Wolfe first stirred anger when he announced the university would stop paying for graduate students' and teaching assistants' health coverage.  Then the university's medical school severed ties with Planned Parenthood in response to attacks from Republican politicians--only to then be attacked by Democrats who felt the college was kowtowing to political pressure.  But the proverbial last straw for Wolfe came when the football team threatened to boycott its games due to the college leadership's insufficient response to racial incidents on campus.

Good on them for forcing change, but, to put this in perspective: First, they stripped healthcare away from the underpaid and overworked graduate students who presumably shoulder much of the responsibility for actually educating the student body, but nothing happened because those overburdened grad students should be thankful for whatever they get.  Then, they failed to support the medical school's right to cooperate with a non-profit organization that actually provides necessary medical care for countless poor and uninsured women, but nothing happened because all the women who go to Planned Parenthood are abortion-happy slatterns who should be shamed and inconvenienced as much as possible.  And then they angered the football team, and MY GOD THIS MAN MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!!! Because FOOTBALL!!!


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