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Friday, November 6, 2015

In Which We Wonder about Various People's Intelligence

The New York State attorney general is investigating Exxon Mobil, claiming the company defrauded investors by minimizing the dangers that climate change posed to the oil company's business.  I am, of course, shocked--shocked!--that an oil company would minimize the dangers of climate change.  I am, however, less than sympathetic to people who may have suffered financially because they took that oil company's word about the relative lack of dangers posed by climate change.  It seems to me that if supposedly savvy investors are so willfully ignorant as to ignore overwhelming scientific evidence, they deserve whatever financial penalties befall them.  That's just Darwinism.  A concept these investors would presumably also deny.

Ben Carson has released a rap song--guess he felt his campaign hadn't provided enough fodder for ridicule.  In the song, he speaks about picking up the "baton of freedom."  Presumably to fend off the pom-poms of tyranny.

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