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Friday, December 11, 2015

In Which There Is No 'I' in Dannel

"Should being a terrorism suspect prohibit a person from buying firearms?"  According to Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy--and, for that matter, every marginally sane human being on the planet--the answer is, "Is this seriously even a question?"  But the political climate in this country has devolved to the point where, yes, it apparently is.

These days, people who find themselves on terrorist watch lists can freely and easily walk into a store and purchase all the weapons they want.  Gun rights activists explain that they are simply standing up for due process: People on terrorism watch lists and no-fly lists have not been found guilty of anything and thus should not have their constitutional rights infringed upon.  Furthermore, some people end up on watch lists for no clear reason and have difficulty getting their names expunged.  Fair enough: We should certainly make watch lists more transparent.  But the logic of this situation seems to be that some people are too dangerous to hop on an airplane but not dangerous enough to be prevented from amassing an arsenal of high-powered killing machines.  God bless America.

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