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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In Which We Take a Break from Outrage to Ponder Something Important

I had dinner at a restaurant the other day.  When I got up to leave, I decided to use the restroom--I'd had a beer, and it was a long walk to my car.  Don't think about that too much. 

Anyway, I went into the men's room and was immediately thrown off-balance.  The restroom was fairly large--at least 10 feet by 10 feet--and contained both toilet and urinal--but no divider between the two. . .receptacles.  That is, the room was more than large enough to accommodate two people but set up for only one.  Or, I guess, two if they're very close.  I've encountered this kind of set-up before, and I'm never sure if it represents an oversight on the part of the proprietors (they forgot to install some sort of partition) or, alternatively, some sort of strange "perk": Whether you're in the mood to stand or sit, you can relieve yourself in comfort in our unusually large facilities!

OK, we'll get back to gun control and Trump, right away.

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