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Sunday, October 30, 2016


If the FBI is so interested in irrelevant emails, perhaps they'd like to look at my inbox? It's eminently  possible that my emails contain information as incriminating to Hillary Clinton--moreso!--as whatever they're likely to find on Anthony Weiner's (ick) hard drive.  

Look, ever since I made a small donation to the Clinton campaign, the woman will. Not. Leave. Me. Alone! Every day I get at least one email from her, promising all manner of swag in exchange for just another small contribution: a Hillary Clinton "Woman Card"! The chance to win tickets to "Hamilton"! (OK, that one was tempting, but if I'd won, I think I would have had to go see it with Hillary Clinton, so, y'know, hashtag #mixed blessing.) I'm pretty sure she offered me the ambassadorship to Malawi if I'd pony up $25!

What I'm saying is, have at it, Director Comey! If it takes an FBI probe to get her to stop, I'm with you!

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