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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Or Maybe We Find Out She's a Fan of Nickelback

As far as I can tell, the gist of FBI director James Comey's letter to Congress--the letter that has reignited the ever-smoldering controversy around Hillary Clinton's email practices--is that the FBI has found a bunch of emails in the course of an investigation into an unrelated case, and that these emails may or may not contain additional evidence against Hillary.  But no one has actually read all these emails, so, in fact, they may also contain nothing more than copies of emails previously released--or nothing at all.  Of course, they may also contain receipts to Kim Jong-Il for nuclear weapons diagrams, but I kind of doubt it--and at any rate, we're apparently not going to find out until well after the election is over.

People of various political persuasions are outraged that Comey would send such a letter less than two weeks before the election.  I'm frustrated myself, but I am also slightly sympathetic.  After all, the man is truly in a no-win situation: If he doesn't report the existence of the emails to Congress, and then after the election he finds damning information in the emails (even though he won't), he would be "exposed" as a Hillary hack.  Still, I think Comey could have more strongly emphasized in his letter that the existence of this investigation indicates absolutely nothing about Hillary's guilt or innocence.

Ultimately, though, I'm not even sure this matters: While Trump supporters are gleeful about the revelations, these are people who already considered Hillary Clinton a criminal--guilty of illegal self-enrichment at the very least and being a murderous incarnation of Satan at the worst.  At the same time, those who have already decided to support Clinton have probably taken her email "crimes" into account already and decided that they amount to nothing--or at any rate not enough to convince them to vote for Trump.  Considering that Hillary herself called for the FBI to make the contents of the emails public immediately, one can assume that she herself is unconcerned about any new revelations.  And in the meantime, assuming he doesn't release the emails (which he probably won't), the Democrats can spend the next week and a half blasting Comey as a partisan hack for the Republican Party (of which he is a member).  Bottom line: I don't see this harming Clinton in any appreciable way.

And seriously, assuming the new "evidence" shows anything at all about Clinton, what new revelations are people expecting to find?  Unless you show me an email from Hillary claiming that "Breaking Bad" is overrated, I can literally think of nothing--nothing--that would dissuade me from voting for her.  And, yes, that includes a receipt made out to Kim Jong-Il for nuclear weapons diagrams: Heck, if she were guilty of high crimes or misdemeanors (she isn't), then go ahead and impeach her.  I can think of worse fates than a President Tim Kaine, and two of them are named Trump and Pence.

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