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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quick Comment, More Later

The Solipsist is a little disappointed with his loyal followers (all three of you) for your overwhelming preference for dogs. First of all, cats rule. Second of all, nobody went for hippopotamus? Not such a big deal, really, this first poll was really more of a "test" to see how things work. The new one is serious, though: Give it major thought.

(Also, the Solipsist knows who three of the readers are, but he was touched, flattered, and more than a little verklempt when he saw that at least FOUR people had read the thing. Who could this strange, mysterious, and probably masochistic reader be? Whoever you are, thank you, keep reading, and spread the word!)


  1. Dogs rule, cat's drool!

  2. Spoken like a dog-lover! (And are you seriously suggesting that dogs DON'T drool?!?)