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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pundits in Space

NASA has an online opinion poll, where they have asked people to help them name "Node 3" of the International Space Station. The NASA-suggested multiple choice options are:


None of these, however, is even in the top 10. See, people can also contribute their own suggestions. As of this writing, the leading vote-getter, outpolling ALL of NASA's suggested choices?


As in Stephen, host of "The Colbert Report." He's encouraged members of Colbert Nation to write-in his name on NASA's ballot, and obviously they've responded.

NASA's getting nervous, and they apparently have a right to reject the suggestion if it is not in NASA's best interests (i.e., to weasel out).

What are they worried about? Future generations? Assuming there ARE any future generations, is anyone going to care? How many things are out there in our great wide world named for people who are essentially unknown today? Take New York alone: Who exactly was Guggenheim? The now-demolished Shea Stadium was named for a lawyer known mostly for being the answer to the question, "Who was Shea Stadium named for?" The Verrazano Narrows Bridge? Who was Verrazano? For that matter, who was Narrows?

Memo to NASA: You set up a competition like this, you'd better be willing to live with the results. And at least the name "Colbert" has a certain regal ring to it. It's not like people are voting for "The Buttmunch Room."

"Node 3" is starting to look better and better.

1 comment:

  1. I actually heard that "Slayer" was in the running...
    But in other news, things that look like other things are miraculous and inspiring and deserve way more than they're given credit for in all...uh...truthiness.