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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Questions

Inspired by Emi Ha, the Solipsist will present today's post in list form.  Herewith, some random questions to ponder.  Please provide your answers in the comment space.

1) When did pajama pants become, y'know, pants?  Perhaps this is just a West Coast phenomenon.  The Solipsist teaches at a local institute of relatively higher-learning.  About eight years ago, the student body held an impromptu "Pajama Day": Students were allowed or encouraged or suffered to wear pajamas to school.  Teddy bears were plentiful, too.  It was a break in the monotony.  Now, however, EVERY day is Pajama Day (though without so many teddy bears thus far).  At the risk of sounding curmudgeonly, when did this become OK?  Kids today!  Harrumph!

2) Aside from Aquaman, can anyone really pull off orange and green as a fashion combination?

3) Actually, can Aquaman pull it off?

4) Isn't just about ALL modesty "false modesty"?  Consider: Let's say you're a person.  OK?  Now, suppose you're particularly good at something. . . . Archery, why not?  But when people praise you for hitting the bullseye or shooting the apple or whatever it is archers do to earn praise, you demur so as not to be seen as a jerk: "No big deal."  But of course, you KNOW it's a big deal.  How could you not?  So, in order not to be false, you should simply revel in the praise.  If you're good, say it loud, "I'm a badass archer and I'm proud."  Or whatever.

5) Can women be "assholes"?  Not saying that women can't ACT like assholes, but seriously, have you ever CALLED a woman an asshole?  Men can be bitches (and no, not just gay men, either).  Still, there seems to be something gender specific about this particular ano-orificular epithet.

6) What's going on with Jack's father on "Lost"?  Wasn't there some reference to him actually being alive in the first episode in which we move "forward" in time (about two seasons ago)?  Jack was back working at the hospital, and some other doctor mentions something to him in passing about his father, something that gave the distinct impression that Dad was still alive (and that made it seem--at that point--that we were just experiencing another flashBACK not a flashFORWARD).

7) Why is the sky blue?

8) Is anyone out there actually going to look up the answer to why the sky is blue?

9) Can two hot dogs from Target and a piece of butter cake with homemade butter-cream frosting be considered an adequate dinner?  No reason.

10) If you were at your friend's house for a holiday dinner, and you found a cockroach in the cole slaw what would you do?

Happy thinking!

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