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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Blogger in the Rye

Just a couple of points.

First, the Solipsist has done it again! You're welcome! No sooner did we kvetch about the fact that Blogger.com had not changed its "Blog of Note" for over two weeks--providing the blog-reading public with an overabundance of opportunities to read about Scandinavian bicyclists--than the offending (and, frankly, offensive) blog was replaced! Sadly, not with a truly noteworthy blog like "The Solipsist"--or even a slightly-less-worthy-but-still-appealing-in-an-expatriate-American-gone-Teutonic-kind-of-way blog like "Our Feet Are the Same"--but with something that calls itself "floatingsheep," which we are not even inclined to hyperlink! (Hey, they're the "Blog of Note"--they don't need the press!)

In other news, legendary hermit J. D. Salinger died Wednesday at the age of 91. At least, that's what "they" want us to believe. We have it on good authority that the man died in 2003; the body was only discovered Wednesday.

What? Too soon? Hey, you embrace crazy, you get what you get.

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