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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Music Report

We heard today that Mick Jagger will perform at this year's Grammy Awards ceremony. This is big news because, despite a musical career spanning some 130 years, Jagger has never actually performed at the big show.

Does anybody really care? Understand, we respect the Mickster as much as we would any rock and roll icon, but seriously is anybody overwhelmed at the prospect of his performing at the Grammys? We remember back in 1992 when Bruce Springsteen appeared on "Saturday Night Live." THAT was HUUUUUGE at the time. Springsteen didn't do TV. He certainly didn't appear on such mainstream venues as SNL. This was either a major coup for NBC or a sign that the Boss's career wasn't sailing along at the stratospheric heights to which we had become accustomed. Probably a bit of both. Since that time, though, it has become--if not commonplace, at least unspectacular to see Springsteen pop up on TV from time to time. Hell, he performed at the Super Bowl. So did U2. So did 50% of The Who. So, come to think of it, did Mick Jagger and the rest of the Rolling Stones. The Grammy Awards seems far less noteworthy by comaprison.

The White Stripes announced that they were breaking up. Since they are, of course, brother and sister, we assume--or at least hope--that the break-up is amicable. Otherwise, y'know, Thanksgiving at the White place is going to be AWK-ward.

Finally, a question--something that has been bothering us for some time now:

Why is Justin Bieber?

1 comment:

  1. I'm assuming you really know that the White Stripes are a divorced couple, and are just being Humous-rous. As to Mick Jagger: The story isn't that MICK JAGGER is performing. It's that Mick Jagger is PERFORMING. He will be(expected to be) UPRIGHT! He will be, and this may be apochryphal, still pretending to be capable of trying to get SATISFACTION!
    Finally, it's NOT Justin Bieber, it's in many others as well!