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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New! Improved! Shrunken!

An interesting article today reports that food manufacturers are disguising price increases by subtly reducing the size of their wares while charging the same price. Even more insidious, some companies actually charge more for the diminished offerings, claiming that the "new" product is "lower in calories." Be on the lookout for scams: Wrigley's single-stick gum bookmarks: $1.89 New and Improved extra-puffy Cheetos: Twice the AIR!: $4.59/lb. Extra LOW-CAL bottled water: $3.89/liter Special NON-METRIC extra LOW-CAL bottled water: $3.99/qt M&M ULTRA: Each candy stamped with TWO 'm's: $9.99 lb. Ol' Doc Simmons' Caffeine Free Oxygen: $99.99 a tank Solipsistography "Food Inflation Kept Hidden in Tinier Bags"

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