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Monday, March 28, 2011

Setting the Record Straight

This is fun. A British website, iCorrect.com, established by businessman Sir David Tang, allows the famous and not-so-famous to rebut accusations and "inaccuracies." So if you're Donald Trump, and a Page Six tidbit reports that you have recently patented your hair, you can instantly log onto your iCorrect account to set the record straight: You applied for a patent but were turned down on the grounds that your hair was too similar to a sea anemone and thus unpatentable. As of now, iCorrect clients are primarily members of the British jetset, but as the website expands, we hope to see a plethora of postings from Charlie Sheen or Lady Googoo or Mel Gibson or their ilk. Still, the limited numbers of postings thus far do include some saucy items. Consider this exchange between Niall Ferguson, an eminent economist and historian and New York Times columnist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugrman. In a blog post, Krugman claimed to have won an argument with Ferguson:

"A few months back, in a dialogue in Korea with Niall Ferguson, I suggested a macroeconomic version of Godwin’s Law: the first person to bring up the Weimar hyperinflation is considered to have lost the debate. He was, um, not happy." -- Paul Krugman on his blog, 27 December 2010.

Ferguson set the record straight:
"My response to Krugman was that there should be a new Krugman's Law: the first person to claim he has won the debate has lost the debate. So comprehensively did Krugman lose this exchange that one Korean newspaper ran the headline the next day: 'A great Nobel Prize winner humiliated like a dog in Korea.' Unhappy? You now know which of us, um, was."
AWWWWWW SUH-NAPP! ECONOMIST SMACKDOWN! Personally, we like this contribution the most: Responding to an accusation that "David Tang is a creep," Sir David replied that "This is greatly exaggerated." While the Solipsist cannot afford the $1,000 membership fee, we would like to take this opportunity to rebut some baseless accusations that have cropped up recently: 1) We do not use our cats in Satanic rituals. That's what the guinea pig is for. 2) We never claimed that Canadians were responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster--only for the failures of New Orleans' levees after Hurricane Katrina. 3) It was mayonnaise! Solipsistography "For $1,000, Site Lets Celebrities Say It Ain't So"

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  1. You DO! They WERE!!!! It WAS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!