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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Get Ahead with a Minimum of Trying

At my college, in order to use tutoring services, students need to register for one of a few different classes, depending on the subject for which they want help.  The other day, an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) teacher came into the center where I work to remind me that the ESL tutoring class had changed from ESL107 to ESL109 (long story--not important).  So, when students come into use the center, we need to make sure that they register for the proper class.

At the front desk, we have a computer where students can register for their tutoring classes--well, and any other classes, but, again, not important.  On the monitor, we have stuck little labels with the names of the classes, as well as the section numbers.  After the ESL teacher reminded me of the class change, I went to the front desk, where three members of my staff were doing whatever it is that they do in a mostly fruitless attempt to look busy.  I explained the situation, and asked them to replace the current ESL label with a new label containing the correct information.

Two of the staffers immediately started searching for a label maker: "Do we have a label maker?"  "Where's the label maker?"  "What does a label maker look like?"  "Have you seen the label maker?"  After locating the label maker, they began a major examination of said label maker: "How do you put the label stuff in?"  "Where's the label stuff?"  "Do you know how to load the label stuff?"  "I'm going to go look for some label stuff?"

In the fifteen minutes or so that this was going on, the third staffeer had taken a piece of paper, cut it to an appropriate size and shape, written the class information, and taped it to the monitor.

THIS is why some people get ahead in life while others . . . . Others are adorable.

1 comment:

  1. You DO realise that the "Label-Maker" seekers are destined for important jobs with corporations or government. While the practical writer will end up as a teacher or worse.

    By the way, have you been followin the 'TOURETTES' girls story on Today? Doesn't anyone on that show know a scam when they see it? Or do they think the reason NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD is following this story is because Today is just sooo far ahead of everyone else?