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Sunday, January 15, 2012

One (More) Giant Step

Why were people expecting Green Bay to have an easy time dispatching the New York Giants?  Yes, the Packers beat New York a few weeks ago, 38-35.  But what people should have taken away from this was that the NFL's best offense, in conjunction with the league's worst defense, had barely eked out a victory.  Was the Giants' defense really going to give up 38 points again?  Not likely.  By the same token, was Green Bay's defense going to give up 35 points?  Quite possibly.

Admittedly, the Giants received some breaks--like the fact that Green Bay's receivers seemed to have dipped their gloves in Crisco.  But they were also on the receiving end of a couple of ridiculously bad calls, like a clear fumble recovery that was waved off and a "blow to the head" call based apparently on the fact that Aaron Rodgers seemed to nod after being cleanly tackled.  So everything balances out in the end.

On to San Francisco!

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