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Friday, February 10, 2012

And Schizophrenia Makes Really Good Omelettes

Awhile back, I wrote about a commercial for Abilify, an anti-depressant from Bristol-Myers Squibb. The animated commercial featured an obviously depressed cartoon-lady and an avatar of "depression," represented by a (frankly adorable) googly-eyed, floating black blob.  Now, I am no latter-day Don Draper--except for my perfect, perfect face--but it struck me that, if an advertiser wants to peddle a "cure" (or at least a treatment) for a disease (or "disease"), said advertiser might think twice before representing the disease as something you want to pet.

Shows you what I know!

The Abilify people have introduced a new commercial that actually doubles down on the cuteness factor.  No longer is cartoon-lady's depression merely a floating black blob; now, depression is a big, floating, googly-eyed blue bathrobe!  So, depression not only keeps this lady company, it keeps her cozy and warm!  AND it resembles Cookie Monster, to boot!

Cure depression?  I want to give it a hug!

1 comment:

  1. I want to wrap myself in it and just veg on the couch...