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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

The football season wraps up today, and, rather than belabor the obvious point that the Giants will beat the Patriots, I would like to comment on the egregious miscarriage of justice perpetrated last night.  Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who admittedly had an OK season, was named league MVP.  How the writers could have overlooked Peyton Manning is beyond me.  True, the man was injured and played not a single down this season, but look what happened to his team.  Last year, and pretty much every year since Manning joined them, the Colts have been legitimate contenders in the NFL.  Without him, they lost their first 14 games of the season, became a national laughingstock, and slipped so far down in the standings that they won the top pick in this year's NFL draft, where they are expected to pick Andrew Luck, the highest-rated quarterback prospect to come into the league since. . . well, since Peyton Manning.

If the MVP award is presented to the player most valuable to his team, I fail to see how Peyton Manning wasn't the unanimous winner.

Go Giants!

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