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Sunday, February 19, 2012

He Don't Need No (Public) Education

Rick Santorum disapproves of government-provided education.  On the face of it, this puts him squarely in the mainstream of extreme conservative thought (i.e., slightly to the right of Hitler).  For years now, conservatives have decried the federal Department of Education and have to various extents called for its demise.  Santorum, however, takes things a step further, questioning whether even STATE governments have a legitimate role in education.

A firm advocate of home-schooling, he points out, by way of what passes for reasoning among neanderthals, that for the first 150 years in our nation's history, American presidents home-schooled their children at the White House.  Now, I am not sure how many of our nation's pre-1939 presidents even HAD school-age children during their administrations, but assuming that some did, I hardly think these Commanders-in-Chief spent a great deal of time helping Junior with his algebra homework in between negotiating trade agreements with the Austro-Hungarian Empire and exterminating the Shoshone.  I imagine, they being Presidents and all, these chief executives probably retained high-quality tutors to support their children's educations.  This is "home schooling" in the same way that having the White House chef whip up Veal Milanese at 3:00 AM is "home cooking."

Still, Santorum practices what he preaches.  He home-schools his own brood--or, more likely, his wife does, teaching being acceptable women's work.  And he fundamentally rejects in his own household the notion that government has any appropriate role to play in the provision of children's education--well, except for providing him and his family with about $38,000 worth of equipment and services to support his kids' cyber-schooling.  Asshole!

Sorry, that's inappropriate: Rick Santorum is NOT an asshole.  He's simply what oozes out of one.

All this would be merely amusing if Santorum were not tied in the polls for the Republican nomination for the presidency.  Seriously, Mitt Romney--who comes across as FDR in comparison--faces an uphill battle in Michigan, which is more or less his home state!  A question to Republicans: What the hell are you people thinking?!?  I suppose I shouldn't complain too much: If Santorum somehow does end up as the Republican nominee, the election probably becomes a virtual cakewalk for Obama: I can't imagine any Democrats or many independents actually casting a ballot for Senator Anal Froth--sorry, that's unfair--FORMER Senator Anal Froth (Troglodyte-Pa.),

As DOS mentioned to us today: Years ago, around the time that Santorum was first calling homosexuality a gateway to "man on dog" action., Saturday Night Live offered the following assessment, which seems even more approriate today: "Rick Santorum puts the 'idiot' in the expression 'This guys an idiot!'"

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