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Monday, February 20, 2012


"Oh!  Wow!  I just figured something out!  You know that game?  With the hippos?  'Hungry, Hungry Hippos'?  OK, well, you ever wonder where they came up with that idea?  'Cause I have!  And. . .and. . . and. . . I mean, yeah, hippos are big and fat, so they probably are hungry a lot of the time, but what if!  What if! There was this bunch of hippies?  Living in a-a-a-a commune somewhere, right?  And, you know how when hippies smoke the marijuana they get the munchies?  Right?  And, so, I'm thinking that one of the hippies said to all his other friends, 'Wow, what a bunch of hungry, hungry hippies we've got here.' And then another one of the hippies said, 'Dude! That should totally be the name of some kind of game where, like, all the players are trying to grab the last Ding-Dong.'  And then they thought about it for a while, but, like, when they went to sell this great game idea to, like, I don't know, Hasbro or whatever, the big game-guy was all, like, 'Look, I love where you guys are coming from, but no parent is going to buy a game called "Hungry, Hungry Hippies,"' and then he was like, 'What about "Hippos"?' and the hippies said, like, 'Cool' and 'Yeah' and 'Whatever,' and I think that's probably how it all happened."

WOS: What the hell is wrong with you?

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