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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Look Who's Not Honoring Me Now

Every August, right before the fall semester, a meeting of the entire college community--faculty, staff, administration, students--is held.  At this meeting, representatives of the student government present an award to an outstanding teacher, chosen by members of the student body.  The "golden bell"--changed some years back from the "golden apple," which made quite a bit more sense if you think about it--is the highest manifestation of the love and admiration of those whose young, malleable, mushy little minds we strive to mold .  Well, today, after ten-plus years of service to the students of my Bay Area community, I sat in the auditorium and heard for the first time this semester my name not called!

I know teaching is a thankless profession, but must the students do such a consistently great job illustrating this?

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