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Friday, August 17, 2012

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

The other day, we had a presentation on using social media in the classroom.  The presenter endorsed YouTube, as well as Facebook and old favorites like e-mail (not, strictly speaking, social media, but why quibble?).  She was especially enthusiastic, though, about Twitter.  She said Twitter provided a great way to stay in touch with your students.  I'm still not completely clear on how Twitter works, but I guess the idea is that you could have your students "follow" you, and thereby have an easy way to pass along interesting bits of information, as well as to communicate more prosaically about such things as class announcements, homework, etc.

Sounds reasonable enough.  And I suppose that, if I ever do decide to commence tweeting, I can now justify it under the pretense that I was doing it to become a more effective teacher.  Sure, you and I know the truth: that I could no longer resist my gnawing unease at the thought of a media platform existing without my presence.  But we'll just keep that between us.

I still have trouble with the whole 140-character limit: It takes me 140 characters just to say "Good morning" (I use a lot of extra 'o's).  On the whole, though I suspect I'm slowly but inexorably being drawn into the Twitterverse.  Resistance is futile.

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