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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Go Hawks!

Yesterday was "Transfer Day" at my college.  Representatives from four-year schools from Berkeley to Columbia (to say nothing of Colombia, of which we WILL say nothing, as there were no representatives from that country's institutions of higher learning) descended upon the quad to peddle their wares to prospective enrollees.  As part of the festivities, our college faculy and staff were encouraged to wear items of clothing from their alma maters.

Well, you know me, I'm all about the school spirit.  I immediately went scrounging through my drawers, closets, storage boxes, desperately trying to find something--anything--to wear.  Finally, I found, buried in piles of unidentifiable detritus in the back of my car, a battered baseball cap from the Wagner School at New York Unitversity.  I was able to REPRESENT!  I was of course hopelessly outnumbered by people REPRESENTIN' from Berkeley, but that's neither here nor there.

I must say, though, I felt a little sad.  While I enjoyed my time at NYU, and have no complaints about the education I received there, if any school may be said to be my alma mater--my soul-mother--it's surely Hunter College (City University of New York).  That was my spiritual home for over five years, through both undergraduate and graduate days.  That was the school that, for better or worse, largely made me the person, teacher, and blogger I am today.  I thus felt there was an element of false-advertising in my presumend endorsement of NYU.

Granted, not many of our students would be likely to transfer to Hunter College.  Probably not many will transfer to NYU either.  The point, though, is that whether they go there or not, most people have heard of NYU.  The same cannot necessarily be said about Hunter, which is really a shame: It's every bit as "good" as any of its more famous peer institutions, and considerably more affordable than most.  I'd unreservedly recommend it to anyone wrestling with college decisions.
I seriously need to get myself some Hunter swag, though.

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  1. Don't be so "defeatist". After all, they made TWO comic book series, AND a, better-than-it-seemed, Willem Dafoe movie, about Hunter.
    The only thing most people know about NYU is that it's another name for wildebeast.