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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just Another Day at Solipsist Central

(An addendum to yesterday's post.)

SOL: We can't eat Papa John's pizza.

WOS: OK. . . .We never really do.

SOL: I know, but now we can't eat it out of principle, not just because they make bad pizza.

WOS: Why?

SOL: Their CEO is threatening to raise the price of pizza and, more importantly, cut back on his workers' hours so that he won't have to pay for healthcare.

WOS: Jerk.

SOL: I know.

WOS: Anyway, Papa John's pizza is terrible.

SOL: Is it?

WOS: Yeah, don't you remember?  We got it once.  It was so bad even YOU didn't finish your pizza.

SOL: Oh, really? I don't remember, and-- Hey!

WOS: What?

SOL: What do you mean "EVEN YOU"? What are you insinuating?

WOS: I. . .  Uh. . .

SOL: You're saying something about me!  And eating things!

WOS: No!  No, I. . . That is. . . Oh, look a cat!

SOL: Ooooh. . . Cat.

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