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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Worst Case Scenario, I Find Out How My Car Looks Covered in Toilet Paper

People assure me that Trick-or-Treaters still exist.  I don't believe it myself.  Every year, in the late afternoon of October 31, I smack myself in the head and rush to the supermarket to stock up on dispensable candy.  (As opposed to the late afternoon of every other day, when I simply smack myself in the head.)  And every November 1 for about the last decade or so, I stare at a mountain of undispensed candy.  Of course, I have no doubt that the one year I decide not to bother will be the year the Trick-or-Treaters return.  I will then improvise: Loose change! Post-it notes! Individually-wrapped slices of American cheese!

One time, I did forget about Halloween.  Sure enough, three adorable princesses knocked on the door.  I had a tin of cookies.  Luckily, the princesses were distracted by my adorable kitty cat, and so begrudgingly accepted the stale baked goods.  Actually, in a pinch, I guess I could just distribute cats.

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