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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Again: Consistency is ALL I Ask!

I am not one of those Facebook kvetches: those insufferable types who rant and rave every time Zuckerberg takes any action to increase the profitability of his product.  The way I see it, if I suffer minor incovenience because of a few changes to a free service that I am not obligated to use, I have no real right to complain.

Yet apparently I am a Yahoo! kvetch.  I was taken aback today when I logged into my Yahoo! mail and saw changes to the interface.  All of a sudden, for example, there are no checkboxes next to messages in my inbox.  Or rather, there ARE, but they only appear when I "mouse over" them.  The "Sign Out" button is now hidden.  And when I tried to attach a link to an e-mail, someone punched me in the face!  (Which may not, strictly speaking, have had anything to do with Yahoo!)

Maybe I'm just upset because I've had Yahoo! longer: I've had my Yahoo! address for about fifteen years now.  But I think it's more than that: I think that Facebook is still, to me, something of a "game"--a hangout. Changes to Facebook are like renovations to a bar or restaurant: As long as the food (or the friends) don't change, who really cares what the wallpaper looks like?  Yahoo!, though, is more of an ingrained part of my existence.  When unexpected changes happen, I feel disturbingly umoored.

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