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Monday, March 25, 2013

Here at the Solipsist, Every Day is Airlock Day!

Spring break arrived earlier than usual this year.  Generally, it either begins or ends on Easter Sunday.  Indeed, as a Jew, I usually only know it is Easter Sunday because I am beginning or ending a vacation--that and the fact that the Times will be disturbingly thin.  Yesterday, though, the Times possessed its normal Sunday girth, as it was merely Palm Sunday.  I don't know what Palm Sunday is, but I understand it has something to do with Jesus and Easter--or Jeaster, as we call it in my head.  And today I had to return to work from spring break with nary a day off to look forward to betwixt now and Memorial Day.

The first day back after a vacation is pretty much a waste.  By the time you've wrapped your mind around the fact that you're back at work and sifted aimlessly through your inbox trying desperately to remember what it was you were working on back before the vacation, it's pretty much time to go home.  It's not quite as bad as returning to work after a prolonged illness: At least after a vacation, everybody is in the same transitional headspace.  Still, I think all employers should recognize this phenomenon and enshrine it in their official workplace procedures: Call it "Airlock Day," an official day to reacclimate oneself to the daily grind, when nothing much will be expected of anybody.

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