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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All in the Timing

Everyone is a near miss.  Some nearer than others.
"As Melissa Fryback, 42, was heading into the home stretch, she realized she was on pace for one of her best times ever. She steeled herself for the last three miles and finished in 3 hours 44 minutes. She met up with her boyfriend, and the two had made it about two blocks from the finish line when they heard the blasts. . . .
“'I can’t help but wonder that if I hadn’t pushed like that, it could have been me,' she said."
Comments from just two of the 25,000 or so people who took part in yesterday's Boston Marathon. 

Runner 18493 can't believe it.  Of all the days to run her personal best!  The Marathon! In 3:44!  And then, what happened at the end.  She can't believe it.  If she had run her normal pace. . . . She can scarcely bear to think about it.  Fortune.  But not just fortune, really, when you think about it.  She earned it.  She ran her best time.  This was not dumb luck.  This was virtue rewarded: a gift from the Gods in recognition of her hard work.  Of course, she would never say this publicly, such sentiments being inappropriate in light of. . . everything.  But still, if she does--privately--view her unscathed escape as some karmic blessing. . . well certainly no one ould blame her?

Runner 21006 can't believe it.  Of all the days to run her personal best.  The Marathon!  Sure, she started way back in the pack, but here she is, approaching the finish in three hours and forty-four minutes!  All her training, all her hard work, rewarded.  She can see the finish line up ahead, hear the cheers of the crowd.  She smiles and glances at her watch: 2:50. Not bad.

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