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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great Moments in Questionable Editing

An article in today's New York Times discusses an FBI raid at a prestigious art gallery in Manhattan.  According to the article, the Helly Nahmad Gallery has been located at the Carlyle Hotel "since at least the late 1990's."

Now, I'm certainly no expert on the whole art scene thing, but it would seem to me that an art gallery--especially a prestigious one owned by a billionaire family in the middle of Manhattan--is not some sort of strange particle winking in and out of existence in a manner understood only by quantum physicists.  Furthermore, "the late 1990's," while longer ago than I would care to admit, is not exactly antiquity.  I suspect records from that epoch may be accessible to an intrepid researcher--or even to an unpaid intern with access to Google.  My point is, neither the reporter nor the editor could be bothered to ascertain the precise year (if not the month and date) that the Nahmad Gallery set up shop in the Carlyle?

I know we're all shaken up by what went down in Boston, but come on people!  If you're going to report stories in this slipshod a manner, then the terrorists have already won!

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