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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Annnnnnd, We're Back

Any psychiatrist will tell you that moving is among the most stressful experiences a person can go through, right up there with death or divorce.  But psychiatrists will tell you anything. If you pay him enough, I imagine a psychiatrist would tell you that Canberra is the capital of Australia, or any other farcical thing.

What?  It is?  Really?!?  So why did I pay that psychiatrist. . . ?  Where was I?

Anyway, having already gone through one move and too many divorces to keep track of--I suspect I may mean that the other way around, but it's been a long couple of days--I can say that I look forward to death as probably the least stressful experience of the three.  Still, as unpleasant as the moving experience is--or as moving as the stressful experience is--there is definitely something pleasant about the completion of the process, especially when the place you move to represents an improvement over the place you moved from.  Such is certainly the case with the relocation of Solipsist Central.

The new headquarters features more space, quieter surroundings, and a view of the bay.  I've no doubt this will lead to tremendous improvements in the overall Solipsistic experience.  After all, there is nothing like water to inspire creativity.  Just ask Herman Melville.  Don't expect an answer: The man's been dead for 150 years, but ask him anyway.  Yes, the fresh ocean air will lead to tremendous literary feats: Expect greatness!  I will give you the Moby-Dick of the blogosphere.  Except, y'know, not quite so much about penguins.

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