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Friday, June 7, 2013

Where Can I Get a Job Deoxygenating Mice?

Well, some good news for a change.  We've all grown weary of the constant drumbeat of news stories about how this or that thing that we've loved for years is slowly killing us.  Salty snacks raise blood pressure!  Red meat clogs arteries!  Masturbation leads to memory loss!  And, of course, Masturbation leads to memory loss!  So you can imagine my relief when I read today about a long-term study that has determined that drinking coffee increases longevity and helps stave off dementia.  Sure, I'd rather hear that eating pork chops improves muscle tone, but good news nonetheless.

"In a 2012 experiment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, mice were briefly starved of oxygen, causing them to lose the ability to form memories. Half of the mice received a dose of caffeine that was the equivalent of several cups of coffee. After they were reoxygenated, the caffeinated mice regained their ability to form new memories 33 percent faster than the uncaffeinated."  Specifically, caffeinated mice took 33 percent less time than uncaffeinated mice to bite the noses of the scientists who had deprived them of oxygen.

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