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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Impala on the Edge of Forever

Have you seen this video:


An impala in Kruger National Park (South Africa) leaps into a car to escape a cheetah attack.  Or, rather: AN IMPALA! IN KRUGER NATIONAL PARK (SOUTH AFRICA)! LEAPS INTO A CAR! TO ESCAPE A CHEETAH ATTACK!

Amazing, right?  Thrilling!  Yay, Impala!

And yet, all I can think is, "That impala was not meant to live!  This is not going to end well. . . . We're going to need to develop time-travel technology to send someone back to set things right.  In order to save the future, that impala must die!"

OK, I seriously need to stop watching so much "Star Trek."

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