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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Couple of Random "Breaking Bad" Thoughts for Your Thursday

I was using my hat--a black porkpie--to illustrate the concept of a noun phrase in class.  One student asked what kind of a hat it was, and another student answered, "That's a Heisenberg hat, Man."  That second student has officially passed the class.

Flipping through channels the other day, I stumbled upon the original "Saw"--the one where Cary Elwes spends the whole movie chained to a steampipe in a dungeon before finally deciding that his only chance for survival is to hacksaw through his own leg to free himself.  It occurred to me that if Walter White were in Elwes' place, the movie would be over in five minutes, as Walter would not only have figured out a way to free himself, but he would also have managed (semi-inadvertently) to kill Jigsaw in the most gruesome manner possible and then gone on to a lucrative career designing custom-made torture-traps of his own.  In other words, it would have been a vast improvement.

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