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Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun with Typos

From a student paper:

"It was the clam before the storm."

Or I THOUGHT it was a typo, until I read about Tlingit myths that tell of Shorooknangalangalang (also known as "Timmy"), the Great Clam of the South, who, according to legend, heralds the End Times.  It is said that, when Timmy opens his. . . let's say, "mouth," and speaks the nine forbidden words (apples, Thursday, wigwam, eleven, pellagra, pellagra [yes, twice], screwdriver, Beyoncé, and flan), then the heavens will open, the 7-Elevens will close, and all will be as it was at the beginning. . . of last week, so, y'know no biggie.  (He IS just a clam, after all.)

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