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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just Another Day at Solipsist Central: NFL Edition

WOS: Who's playing?

SOL: Indianapolis and Miami.

WOS: Who are we rooting for? Miami?

SOL: Well, Miami is kind of a Jets rival, so I guess I'm rooting for Indianapolis.

WOS: I think I'd prefer Miami.

SOL: But, ACOS lives in Florida and is a Dolphins fan!

WOS: So? You don't like ACOS?

SOL: Of course, I like ACOS! I just want him to be miserable!

WOS: That doesn't make sense.

SOL: You know! Don't you always want your cousins to be miserable?

WOS: No.

SOL: You don't?

WOS: Of course not!

SOL: You're such a girl!

WOS: Men are stupid.

SOL: What's your point?

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