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Saturday, October 5, 2013


I am weary, Nation.  Weary, weary, weary.  Partially it's the ongoing--and worsening--disintegration of the American body politic.  Partially it's just dealing with what has so far been an overwhelming semester.  And partially it's a chronic, low-grade case of writer's block.

I hate to claim writer's block, too.  As a writing teacher, I always tell my students that, if they have nothing to write about, then they aren't paying attention.  But here I am, paying attention, and I, too, can find no inspiration.  What to write about?  The government shutdown?  Ditto the end of "Breaking Bad."  And there are only so many posts I can write about the cats.

With any luck, tomorrow will bring some new atrocity to rant about.  Fingers crossed!

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