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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skeeball on Galactica

We have never subjected our readers to a description of our dreams. Mainly, this is because there is nothing--nothing--as uninteresting as descriptions of other people's dreams. Even a dream wherein one is on the Battlestar Galactica, on what must be the "Lido Deck," where one can play a watergun-target game and skee-ball, and where there also appears to be some kind of petting zoo (featuring a cage full of adorable skunks)--even such an inarguably interesting dream as that holds little interest for anyone aside from the dreamer.

In movies and books and TV shows, dreams are invariably highly symbolic and plot-relevant. The hero's dream alerts him to his erstwhile partner's treachery. In her sleep, the heroine receives a vision of who her true love is meant to be.

We understand why writers resort to this strategy: It's a quick and easy way to provide some insight into a character's subconscious or perhaps to provide a character with a useful revelation. But don't fictional characters ever just have dreams about visiting a forest filled with walruses?

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