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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Miscellany

Physician Heal Thyself--No, Really, HEAL THYSELF!

Dr. Ralph Steinman last week received the Nobel Prize in medicine for his ground-breaking work in immunology.

"But Dr. Steinman would never see the message nor learn of the prize. He died of pancreatic cancer on Friday, three days before the phone call from the Nobel committee. He had been battling the highly deadly disease for four years, using a treatment he devised to try to prolong his life, essentially turning his body into an extension of his research."

So basically he won the Nobel Prize for failing miserably.

Are You Ready for Some Treason?

Hank Williams, Jr., was fired from his gig as America's official football-readier for his comments on Fox about President Obama.  The specific comment that got everyone all fired up was when he compared Obama's playing gold with House Speaker John Boehner to "Hitler playing gold with Netanyahu."  While obnoxious, this was not the worst comment that Williams made; after all, one could argue that Williams' comments were ambiguous: Perhaps Boehner was Hitler in the equation.

Far more serious, though, was the fact that Williams went on to state that Obama and Biden were "the enemy."  Think about that: Here is an American--a famous American--declaring on national television that the President--HIS President--is "the enemy."

Now, I hated George W. Bush, and I hated Dick Cheney--scratch that, I STILL hate Bush and Cheney.  But I would not go on record declaring myself their "enemy." Certainly if I were a public figure, I would not declare to a national audience, some of whom have a (pathetically misplaced) allegiance to me, that these men are "the" enemy.

When the next Jared Loughner guns down the next Gabrielle Giffords, let's hear Fox News again distance themselves from responsibility.

A Rose by Any Other Name Is Still a Day Off from Work

It's an American tradition to rename holidays when the initial impetus for their celebration goes out of fashion.  Thus, Armistice Day became Veteran's Day when peace became gauche.  Decoration Day becaome Memorial Day around the time wallpaper went out of style.  And of course National Kitten-Drowning Day became Christmas.  Isn't it about time Columbus Day became National Immigration Day.  Or at least, National Celebration-of-Empire Day?

Of course, it's harder to change the name of a holiday named after a person, even when sordid truths about the honoree come to light.  OK, St. Patrick was a drunk, MLK liked the ladies, and George Washington was a cannibal.  It's just too hard to push those changes through.

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