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Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Miscellany

SOLIPSIST (On phone): Hel-lo!

WOS: Hi!

SOL: What's happening?

WOS: Nothing much.  I just got back from the store.  I got a bunch of food!

SOL: Great.  What do you want to have for dinner?

WOS: Oh. . .well, I didn't really get "dinnery" food.

SOL: Oh.  Um. . . OK. . . .So. . . ?

WOS: Like, I got you one of these Hickory-Farm type things?  And it comes with some sausages and cheese and crackers, AND it has a cutting board and a little knife.  It's really cute!

SOL: Well, cuteness IS a quality I value highly for in food.

WOS: Right?!?  And I got you a GIANT Reese's cup.


WOS: And butterscotch pudding!  They had this great deal!  Like 24 pudding cups for $2.00!

SOL: That is a good price for pudding.


SOL: OK, don't take this the wrong way?  But I think I should go to the store with you from now on.

WOS: Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

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