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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Season's Greetings

Kenzaburo Oe, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, once said something in Japanese, which I do not speak.  I can only assume, therefore, that it was something poignant about Christmas.

My Christmas has been somewhat disappointing, as WOS refused to get me what I truly wanted:
I mean, the "Forever Lazy" even has a flap in the back so you can, y'know, do your business without excessive inconvenience!  WOS thinks they're stupid and embarrassing, though.  She did, however, get me a gift card to a major retailer, so I may be able to find one there.

Still, it's not about the gifts, right?  It's about family and togetherness and watching movies and eating Chinese take-out (well, for the New York Jewish contingent, anyway).  Wherever you may find yourself this holiday season, here's hoping you got whatever you wanted and enjoyed a pleasant and peaceful day.

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