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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just Another Day at Solipsist Central

SOL: Well, I think I'm gonna turn in for the night

WOS: OK. . . . Oh!  Wait, before you go to bed. . .  (Goes into kitchen)

SOL: What?

WOS: (Comes out holding an avocado) Here, fell the avocado right here.

SOL: Uh. . .here?

WOS: No!  Here!

SOL: OK. . .

WOS: You see how that feels?

SOL: Yeah.

WOS: OK, that's perfectly ripe.  When you buy avocados, that's how they should feel.

SOL: Oh. . . kay. . . .And, I needed to know this before I went to bed?

WOS: . . . Well. . . yeah. . . .

SOL: Why?

WOS: Well, in case I need you to pick up avocados, I wanted to make sure I told you what. . . to look for?

SOL: Are you going to ask me to pick up avocados sometime in the pre-dawn hours?

WOS: Well. . . Probably not.  But you never know!

SOL: Was that all?

WOS:  Yeah. . . .Goodnight!

SOL: Goodnight.

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