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Monday, September 24, 2012

Well, At Least It Wasn't "Mad Men"

As I may have mentioned once or twice, "Breaking Bad" is the best show on television.  Apparently, those who vote on the Emmy Awards see things differently.  These TV afficionados saw fit last night to bestow the big prize on "Homeland."  I have nothing against "Homeland" myself--quite enjoy it actually--but only if it remains as gripping in its fifth season (if it makes it that far) as it was in its first will it deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as BrBa (which, by the way, based on the periodic table would be bromine-barium--the chemical compound for AWESOME!).

"Homeland," though, is quite addictive in its own right.  Congratulations to the two leads, Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, for their wins in the leading performer categories.  Lewis's win surprised me a bit, but I guess the voters felt that, if they weren't going to award "Mad Men" a historic Emmy, they didn't want to bestow a historic Emmy on Bryan Cranston either.  I will say this about Damian Lewis, though: Now that "House" is off the air, Lewis easily takes the title of "Brit-with-the-most-pitch-perfect-American-accent-on-television."

Claire Danes, on the other hand, was the closest thing to a lock among this year's nominees.  For those who don't watch the show, Danes plays Carrie Matheson, a CIA agent who suspects (rightly, it turns out) that Marine Sgt. Adrian Brody (Lewis) is actually a terrorist sleeper agent.  Unbeknownst to her colleagues, though, Carrie also suffers from bipolar disorder, and she suffers a manic breakdown after being wounded in a suicide bombing.  Once this scene aired, the Emmy competition was over.

As for BrBa, just wait 'til next year.  By then, the series will have reached its finale.  Perhaps, much like "The Sopranos," it will sweep the awards in its final chance.  I just hope not to hear "Don't Stop Believin'" as the final credits roll.

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