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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Great Moments in Management

So this happened:

SOLIPSIST'S LACKEY (a different one): Can you come help someone in the computer lab?

SOLIPSIST: Doubtful.  What's wrong?

SL: This woman can't get her floppy disk out of the computer.

S: Wow.  Old school!

SL: Yeah.

S: Well, I can take a look, but if the disk is stuck in the machine, I don't know that I'll be able to get it out.

(We go into the computer lab.  SL points out the computer.  I go over.  The student, a middle-aged woman is standing next to it, looking distraught.)

S (to student): Your disk is stuck?


(I look at the computer and see the eject button is already pushed in.)

S: Oy.  I think this is going to be a problem.  (I push the button, just in case.  No disk pops out.)  Yeah, I don't know what to do about this.  We're probably going to need a techie to come in and crack the tower open.

SL: Yeah, I even tried ejecting it through the desktop. . . .

S: I don't think that would work with a floppy disk, anyway.


SL: Right, but it's weird because the computer isn't even reading the disk.

S: Is it not formatted?

STUDENT: All my work's on the disk.

S: You don't have it backed up somewhere?


(I kneel down to look more closely at the disk drive: Maybe there's something obvious that's keeping the disk from popping out.  I look into the drive itself.)

S: God. . . .I can't even see the disk. . .

STUDENT: (Handing me a floppy disk.)  Here.

S: I don't need another disk. . . . I'm trying to get your disk out.

STUDENT: No, this IS my disk.

S: What?

SL: What?

S: Um. . . .I don't-- THIS is the disk that you can't get out of the computer?


S: OUT.  OF.  The computer?


SL (to student): SERIOUSLY?!?

S: Can I see that disk?


S: So you want this OUT OF the computer?


S: OK.  (Handing disk back.)  Here you go.

And yet, if I'm sarcastic, I'M the jerk!

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