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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dubious Moments in Marketing

I saw a TV ad this morning for the WaxVac, a product that helps one remove wax and other nasty particulates from one's ears.  Now, I welcome any innovation in orifice-maintenance technology.  (NOTE TO SELF: Patent "SnotBot" immediately!)  I was troubled, though, by the commercial: The acting is completely over the top, particularly the moment when the man shrieks in pain while attempting to clean his ears the old-fashioned way:

A note to dude and anyone else in a similar situation: If you cause yourself extreme pain while swabbing your ear with a Q-Tip, you are doing it wrong.


  1. This is, a kid you not, the opening sentence of a story I started a Loooooooooooong time ago:
    "Sammy finished cleaning out his ears; closed the switchblade, and put it in his pocket."
    I never finished the story.

  2. but the blonde lady looks familiar ...did she act in some TV show or something?