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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Who Goes There?

"Anonymous" is one of my biggest fans.  Not the hacker collective responsible for making Guy Fawkes masks fashionable, a different "Anonymous."  (Or, maybe it is.  How the Hell should I know? It's "Anonymous"!)  Many days I open my e-mail to find that "Anonymous" has left a new comment on the previous day's post.

In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion who "Anonymous" is--at least the majority of the time.  Over the last several months, though, something strange has been happening.  I check my e-mail and see the familiar message alerting me to a newly posted comment from my most stalwart fan.  When I sign on to this blog, though, no comments--from "Anonymous" or anyone else--appear.  It's just as well, really, because the content of these "Anonymous" comments is. . . Well, here, for example are a couple of comments--copied verbatim--ostensibly left but not actually appearing on the "Solipsist":

"Properly, the submit is in fact this most up to date theme within this windows registry linked issue.
I personally participate in your data and may thirstily
look forward to your own arriving improvements.
Just declaring cheers will not just be adequate,
for any unparalleled lucidity in your crafting. I will at
once seize the rss to settle up to date with almost any updates.
Stop by my web-site. . . "

"Great try out Gregory. Consult a few of your mates which love gizmos.
I’m confident they could aid.
Feel free to visit my site .. . "

The comments end with a link to some other website (which I will not deign to reprint here), frequently a site selling remedies for erectile dysfunction or genital warts.

NO! OK?!?

Obviously, these comments are some kind of spam; perhaps FOS with his wealth of all-things-computer-related can shed light on this particular marketing ploy.  But I guess I should applaud Google's spam filters for blocking these questionable comments, while at the same time allowing the more innocuous comments of the TRUE "Anonymous" (who despite his snarky attitude does possess command of basic syntax) to go through.

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